Decorative Terrazzite


Constantly high worksmanship standards for industrial & commercial Epoxy Flooring

High Performance Floor Topping for Industrial Applications

Polyester; Low Emission

Consists of Resin System and Durable Aggregates.

Trowelled to form an integral floor, wall, cove and drain system.

Hard, non-skid and durable.

Decorative chip effect.

Rapid cure.


  • Rapid Cure: Full system may be installed within an 8hr period.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance (6 times that of basalt concrete).
  • Excellent impact resistance:
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates.
  • Easily cleaned. See comments at end. Waterblast resistant.
  • Excellent slip resistance. Specification is needed of the degree required. * Note Please read detail within
  • Able to be formed into coving, plinths, sumps etc.
  • Good resistance to thermal shock. When cured, will perform at all normal in-service. Temperature ranges. ie. Operational Freezers to hot & boiling water applications, as well as steam cleaning.
  • Fire Resistant: AS/ISO 9239.1-2003: Non-directional. 2008 Critical Radiant Flux: 6.5Kw/m². Smoke Value: 379 Kw/m²
  • Will not support bacteria or fungal growth. Contains STERISHIELD to retard microbial growth.
  • Free of Bisphenol-A
  • Not moisture permeable.

Colour: Natural Gold; or other colours dependent on aggregate selection and the system may be thru-coloured for full thru-colour permanence.

  • Meat works, abattoirs, butchery floors, bottling plants, breweries, food and beverage processing plants.
  • Freezers, chillers, cool stores
  • Dairy factory floors.
  • Ablution blocks, kitchens, laundries.
  • Supermarkets: Bakeries, Fish, Meat, deli etc
  • Toilets, changing rooms, sports facilities for hard-wearability.
  • Floors, walls, upstands, plinths etc where a high degree of chemical, mechanical and slip resistance is of prime importance.
  • Food process floors where a high degree of hygiene is required. Approved by regulatory authorities.
  • Interior/exterior use. Concrete repair and protection – resurfacing damaged or broken concrete with a more physical and chemical resistant surface.
  • Can be applied to new or existing sound concrete, timber or other surfaces.
  • Suitable for use in dry or wet situations including ramps.
  • Will form coves to any required height or radius.
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