nuthane industrial grade floor topping systems

No-Odour High Performance Floor Topping for Industrial/Manufacturing Application

Polyurethane Resin

No odour high performance floor topping for industrial application mainly in the manufacturing industry.

Consists of resin system and durable aggregates.  Hard, non-skid and durable.

Thickness 6mm for long term durability, rapid cure and rapid installation.

Nuthane is resistant to impact, abrasion, thermal shock and chemicals, whilst being non-porous, hygienic and easy to clean.

Nuthane is fully bonded to the substrate and therefore becomes part of the building structure

Proven performance for over 10 years in the food industry.

Contains Sterishield®. Does not support bacteria or fungal growth.

Hygienic – impermeable and non-porous with a good working surface finish. It is easily washed and cleaned.

Slip resistant – varying degrees of surface texture available from smooth to coarse slip resistant finish. Finishes comply with AS/NZS 4663:2002, AS/NZS 4586:2004.

Ease of repair – damaged areas are cut out and re-trowelled back to grade level with new materials quickly and without disruption.

Rapid installation, efficient set and drying times mean Nuthane floors can be in service within hours of completion.

Resistant to cracking and crazing and is joint free apart from necessary control or relief joints in the substrate.

High thermal shock resistance – in applications where rapid and large temperature change is expected. 8mm + thicknesses.

High abrasion resistance – three to six times more abrasion resistance than basalt concrete

Nuthane can be installed by slurry and broadcast for standard 6mm coating thickness and medium duty 3mm finish.  Trowel required for 12mm and trowel prefill in 20mm coating thickness.

Available colours: Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Grey, Tan and other darker toned colours as required.

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  • Industrial food manufacturing, Meat works – Abattoirs – Dairies – Poultry – Bakeries – Fish Process
  • dry and wet process areas: Chillers – Freezers – Cool Stores
  • Drink / Liquid Manufacturing Facilities: Breweries – Wineries – Juice Manufacturing – Distilleries
  • Commercial Kitchens: Fast Food Outlets – Butchery Floors – Hotels – Restaurants – Bars
  • Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Areas: Printing – Laundries – Chemical Bund Lining – Chemical Process
  • Motor Manufacturing / Servicing
  • Supermarkets: Retail Floor Areas – Deli Prep – Butcheries – Bakeries – Fish Process
  • Others: Ablution Blocks – Changing Facilities
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